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Task In Short: Write A Python Script To Automise Raspberry Pi And Mqtt Connection At Startup

Websites, IT & Software
May 9, 2020
Job Description:

More detailed description: We would like to have sensor data collected over a RPI (RaspberryPi4) regularly sent over MQTT to the IoT platform Cayenne/MyDevices. There’s a nice pyhton library that handles the MQTT communication, as described below. However, when the RPI is rebooted, the communication fails. In this project, the developer should write a python script tht automatically handles the MQTT connection at the startup of RPI and pass over some dummy sensor values. It could be relevant to check the urllib module for python to check for an internet connection. The script should also handle if a connection to MQTT has already been established and the internet connection breaks. Please also have a look at the attached PDF

Python, MQTT, Raspberry Pi, Websites, IT & Software

Python knowledge required for this project:

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