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Write Macro 9 Lines

Data Entry & Admin
May 17, 2020
Job Description:

Hi I want write macro 9 lines. 3 or 4 additions or substractions lines. 4 or 5 % lines. The calculator must be build with capapcity to be inserted inside app or webpage for be used on mobile application or website. line 1 : On sale current price = € 749,000 line 2 : Sales fees colected by realestate cie 4% = 29,960 € ( % fees value can be adjustable ) Line 3 : Price less the sales fees colected by realestate cie = 719040 € Line 4 : 30% keep by realestate cie = € 8,988 ( % sales fees value can be adjustable ) Line 5 : 35% of the sales fees are perceived by consultant = € 10,486 ( % sales fees value can be adjustable ) Line 6 : 35% of the sales fees perceived by property owner = € 10,486 ( % sales fees value can be adjustable ) Line 7 : Net paid by notary to property owner = € 719040 ( is current price - sales fees) Line 8 : 35% of the fees paid back by the realestae cie to the property owner = € 10,486 ( % fees value can be adjustable ) Line 9 : Net perceived by property owner, ( net from notary + 35% from the realestate cie ) = € 729,526 ( from notary and % from realestate cie value can be adjustable and calculated by macro ) EACH % or value must be saved in separate window. You must add a save boton on the macro. It must be possible to addapt, insert and display this macro inside a on mobile app or display on webpage. Let me know if you have any questions.

Excel, Excel Macros, Data Entry & Admin

Excel knowledge required for this project:

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular, powerful and easiest programs for managing information. Whether you need a simple spreadsheet or a complex interactive database and to calculate financial, statistical and engineering information, Paynhire is offering you professional, expert freelancers to get your jobs done.

Do you have the experience and the ability to do Excel projects? Paynhire offers you a lot of Excel projects with clients who want help with Excel macros, Excel data entry, PDF to Excel conversion, Excel database, Excel V.B and Excel formulas.

You will be asked to do Excel projects, if you believe you can do that, then start bidding on Excel projects and get paid with an average of $50 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

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