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2d Sketch For Device

Engineering & Science
May 18, 2020
Job Description:

we need someone with good sketching skill to sketch for us our device on 2D the sketching shall be on the computer or IPad bass software, and the final deliverable drawing shall be Raw files ( depend on the software.) the device is having 4 sensors, each has the size of 4 cm they all should face downward the device will be used on the stomach to sense biomedical signals. the arrangement of the sensors shall be as a cross (on the end of the cross) similar to the photo below. each sensor shall have it one casing which can be done on any shape. However, the design should be smooth with no sharp edges and should be warm and appealing. You could also recommend warm colors to the design. a larger casing shall be added to the top of the 4 sensors where all the computing will be done a sample sketch is attached The deliverables are as follows: - 2D hand sketch v1, where the idea is proposed. - 2D hand sketch v2 after revision. - 2D on software V1. - 2D on software V2 after revision. Please note that any proposed idea which has similarity to photos will be rejected and sketches are improved until approved. The duration of the project is for 7 days from hiring. The project will be awarded based on experience, skills, and price. The recommended price is $50 there will be two online meetings during this project and will be discussed

Engineering, Concept Design, Product Design, Sketching, Engineering & Science

Engineering knowledge required for this project:

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